What are SafeHome Stickers?

SafeHome Stickers have a range of home safety helpers for different sticky situations.  Our Tap Stickers clearly identify the hot from the cold in both mixer and individual taps. More importantly they show the direction to turn each tap to moderate the water temperature to a comfortable level for showering and bathing.  Available for both individual and mixer taps.

SafeHome Heat Caution stickers are great visual reminder to aid in the preventions of burns, steam burns and scalds from kettles, urns, toasters, BBQ's etc.  An alert to anything that could be hot to the touch.  

SafeHome Smoke Alarm Stickers are a reminder to create a schedule around testing, battery change, cleaning and unit replacement.  Alert icons for the units themselves and a guide with write on fields to keep track of those all important schedules.. 

Are they easy to use?

Our stickers are very simple to use. Just peel away from the backing sheet and apply in the correct position on any smooth, clean, dry surface.

What surfaces do they stick on?

StickySignz SafeHome Stickers are suitable for use on laminate, tiles, metals and most other glossy surfaces.

How long will they last?

StickySignz SafeHome Stickers will stay in place until they are no longer needed, and can be wiped over with any non-abrasive cleanser.

How do you remove the stickers?

Simply peel the sticker away, starting at one corner. They remove cleanly without any surface damage or residue.