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Standard Tap Bundle

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Bundle & save for home safety! Includes safety stickers for standard individual hot & cold  taps, heat caution, and smoke alarm guide.

Set your home up to keep your loved ones out of trouble!

SafeHome Stickers-Taps- These apply to clean dry bathroom surfaces behind the hot & cold bath & shower taps.  Easily identify each tap and how to use it to moderate the water temperature.  Now includes stickers for your basin taps 

SafeHome Stickers Heat Caution- These stickers are great for kettles, urns (prevent steam burns), toasters, ovens and electrical outlets.  Several different sizes to fit different situations.

SafeHome Stickers-Smoke Alarms- These stickers apply to your smoke detector unit and the guide goes on your fridge.  Contains information about checking, cleaning and replacing batteries, with write on fields to remind you when these are due.