About Us

The StickySignz Story

How it all started

Hi I'm Lynne Rice, founder of StickySignz. The SafeHome Stickers for taps started as an idea many years ago when I was a young mother. When my kids first began showering and bathing independently, I wanted to keep them both safe from hot water scalds.  After experiencing a few near misses in the shower with my reddened child bursting from the shower cubicle, I looked for a bathroom product to help.  I needed something that clearly identified the temperature and action of each tap. There was nothing available and so I came up with the two colour graded arrow symbols.

My prototypes successfully helped my children learn to how to adjust the water temperature safely by themselves.

I have since gone on to expand the range to include Heat Caution Stickers which alert you to potentially hot surfaces that may not look it- Kettles, sandwich presses, stoves, BBQ's etc, with an eye catching flame icon.  

The Smoke Alarm sticker sheets have alert icons for the units themselves and a larger one with write on fields to keep track of all important testing, cleaning, battery change and unit replacement.

Not just for kids

During the process it became apparent that my SafeHome Stickers could be helpful to other vulnerable sectors of the community, including aged care and disability support. This thought motivated me to take my idea from just a simple concept, and turn it  into a product that will work and last for many years in your home.

SafeHome Stickers are printed on a high quality waterproof vinyl sticker stock and are fully designed and made in Australia.